The goal of speak up in a meeting is to add value to that meeting. Ultimatelly, you're expected to add some value to a meeting if you're invited to it.

The longer you stay silent in meetings, the harder it will feel to speak up. Don't wait until the end.

If you’re not speaking up because you haven’t prepared, then go prepare. Quickly note down the points you want to talk on a piece of paper next to you helped a lot.

Do your research before each meeting, so you'll come to the meeting well prepared about the topic, so you know when and how to speak/ask.

If you have nothing to say, then stay quiet. But if there is something in your mind and you're wondering "should I say this", it's probably time to speak up.

If there's never a slience moment for you to chime in, and you think it's rude to interrupt, just let everyone know that you want to talk (raising hand, have some gesture), if it's an online meeting, use the chat panel.

Some ways to add value to a meeting:

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