After sometimes, I think I'm now settled with this note taking method, it's inspired by Zettelkasten but it's not Zettel.

My note taking process has 2, sometimes 3 steps.

Collecting materials and take literature notes

The first step is reading and create notes as I read. This is what I struggle most in the past because when I take notes during reading session. Most of the time, I just stop and think: Maybe I'll take note after I finished the chapter or the whole article.

With §202109042347 Literature Notes, each note should be topic-focused, and I can start taking note as early as I read about that topic.

For the question: What shoul I put in my notes? they're mostly about things that make me clicked, I'm not sure I should take note about what I already understand.

Making permanent notes to summarize

When I collected enough materials/literature notes, I can start using them to create §202109050001 Permanent Notes, they're more elaborated and bigger notes, it could be about the bigger idea or concept.

For example, with literature notes about Virtual Memory, B+Tree, Pager, I can create a permanent note about Database storage engines.

Produce a publishable material

Sometimes, I will just stopped at the permanent notes, but somtimes, I can combine many of them and create a more polished article about the same subject, or some bigger ideas from them.

There is also an idea of Fleeting note, they're notes that unorganized/unstructured, kind of a random thoughts that should be captured for later use, this is interesting but I don't see the need of it for now.