So, I recently decided to build a flower bed in my front yard, the thing is, I did so many things wrong and the result doesn't looks great.

Apparently there's not much choice of flowers where I live, usually, I just go to the nursery and pickup whatever looks cool, lol, jk. But it's really depends on what kind of plants does the nursery has.

I picked up some Sunpatiens without knowing how to give them a good care, actually I did lookup on the internet but there are a lot of other factors that I did not paid attention to, like the soil, how deep to put down the root in the grown,...

Their current situation doesn't looks great, I'm not sure if they'll ever surrvive.

Another thing to know is the life cycle of the plant, like how long does they last, are they annual or perennial. See ¶202109090931 Types of plants based on their life cycle