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Ask questions while listening

Ask questions while listening

One of the most important thing of [Active Listening] is to know when and how to ask questions while you're listening.

Periodically ask questions is a good method to make sure you're engaged in the listening.

Don't just repeat or rephrase what the speaker just said, ask some follow up questions on the last idea they mentioned, or suggest some new information, or ask questions that might spark new idea/direction for the conversation, stay relevant, challenge assumptions in a constructive way.

The questions should be open-ended ones to encourage the speaker engage more. Avoid the yes-no questions, as it's the dead end.

Some good questions that can spark discussions:

  • Counter the approach that people are talking about with some edge case
  • Ask if you can suggest some new direction or approaches: "Can I add my opnion on this?", "Can I have a question about..."
  • Clarify your understanding of the topic
  • Ask how did they came up with this topic/approach
  • Ask how would they change this if some dependencies changed
  • ...

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