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Calculation with undefined and null

Calculation with undefined and null


There's an important different between null and undefined when it comes to calculation.

For example:

10 - null === 10
10 - undefined === NaN

So, if you set the initial value of some variable to undefined and later on, use it in a calculation, you need to think about the outcome.

This is also important for jQuery user when you migrate from older version to jQuery 3+.

There's a breaking change that jQuery will return undefined for methods like width(), innerWidth(),... if the caller is empty, for example:

// before 3
$("non-exist").width() === null
$().width() === null

// after 3+
$("non-exist").width() === undefined
$().width() === undefined

If you use these values in calculation, you'll get into trouble:

const innerWidth = $("selector").outerWidth() - 50; // gonna be NaN

To make sure your code always works as expected, use fallback:

const innerWidth = ($("selector").outerWidth() || 0) - 50; // -50

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