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Find the Second Largest Element

Find the Second Largest Element


Given an array of integers, our task is to write a program that efficiently finds the second largest element present in the array.


Input : arr[] = {12, 35, 1, 10, 34, 1}
Output : The second largest element is 34.

Input : arr[] = {10, 5, 10}
Output : The second largest element is 5.

Input : arr[] = {10, 10, 10}
Output : The second largest does not exist.

The solutions:

  1. Simple solution: Sort array in descending order, then print out the second element. This one is O(n log n).

  2. Better solution: Traverse the array twice, in the first traversal, find the max. In the second, find the greatest element but less than the max. This one is O(n).

  3. Best solution:

  - Initialize two variables first and second to INT_MIN as:
        first = second = INT_MIN
  - Start traversing the array,
    a) If the current element in array say arr[i] is greater
        than first. Then update first and second as,
        second = first
        first = arr[i]
    b) If the current element is in between first and second,
        then update second to store the value of current variable as
        second = arr[i]
  - Return the value stored in second.

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