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How I built this notebook

How I built this notebook

You may notice that this site is heavily inspired by Andy Matuschak's notes, if the navigation confused you, you should take a look at [How to navigate this notebook] first.

This site is powered by [Gatsby], the theme in use is gatsby-theme-andy.

All the notes are written in markdown format using Emacs, I know what you're thinking, I don't use org-mode on this notebook for some reason, you can read more about how I use [Emacs for note-taking].

The Gastby theme I'm using does not support listing all available note, and it hurts discoverability, so I wrote an indexing script get the list of all markdown files, sort them by last modification date and list them all into an index file.

At first, I tried to write the indexing script in bash, it's such a pain, so I use JavaScript to get the job done, something like this:

const sorted_files = files.filter(f => f.endsWith(".md") && !f.startsWith(""))
  .map(filename => {
  return {
    name: filename,
    modified: fs.statSync(dir + filename).mtime.getTime()
.sort((a, b) => b.modified - a.modified)
.map(f => `- [file:${".md", "")}]`)

Finally, Gatsby build script will kick in and generate everything into static HTML files, and push them to Github Pages.

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If you think this note resonated, be it positive or negative, please feel free to send me an email and we can talk.