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How to create a SystemService in Actix

How to create a SystemService in Actix

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In [Actix Framework], an actor can be registered as a service, which help it run automatically. There are two types of service, ArbiterService, which is unique per arbiter, and SystemService, which is unique per system.

In this note, we gonna focus on SystemService.

An actor that want to be a service, need to implement Default trait, and of course, it must be an Actor:

struct ServerService;

impl Actor for ServerService {
    type Context = Context<Self>;

Then, we implement the SystemService trait, also, we need to implement Supervised trait to make sure this service will be automatically restart on failure.

impl SystemService for ServerService {}
impl Supervised for ServerService {}

Whenever we need to access the service, we can use from_registry() method, the usage is something like:


The return type of from_registry() is an Addr. For more details about how to handle send messages, see [Notes on Actix ActorFuture].

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