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Tetris Effect

Tetris Effect

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Tetris Effect is an effect happen to you when you devote a large amount of time on doing something seemngly new to you, for example, play a new game or sport or thing.

The mechanism of what you're devoted to, will become obsesed in your mind, and shape the way you think, see, and do stuff.

For example:

  • Playing tetris and you will see yourself shaping / fitting people, objects around you just like how you fit things in the game.
  • Play chess and you'll see yourself thinking, pondering before making a move on anything, including your work, your communication.

Research said, this effect is related to Procedural memory, an unconscious memory that guides the performance of skills or behaviors that you learned unconsciously (via repetition).

Personally, I've seen myself experienced Tetris Effect many times. Since I was a kid when I play too much bomberman game, I can see myself moving across the aisle, this is not good.

Recently when I started to play chess, I found my way of thinking, calculating, communicating also changed in a way that it's slowed down to think more about the consequences, trying to find the best way and think about the rist, etc,... this is a good effect.

Working with HTML also shape my way of seeing stuff, after a while, I can see everything on the web as boxes, lol.

To conclude, reading about this effect help me understand better the way human brain works, and how this effect could help us to improve ourselves, learning new skills, but it's also a risk of taking it too much, just like drug.

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